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General sale conditions

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Payment method

The payment of the products amounts purchased on the website will be made within 24 hours from the confirmation of order transmission which will be sent by Seller to Customer. The Customer expressly agrees that the execution of the Seller’s Contract will begin on the date of receipt of the amount on the Seller’s bank account. The seller will accept the payment with credit card, PayPal.


It is possible to make a payment using credit cards provided by the PayPal payment system.


The Client will be able to choose the payment of purchase amount through verified PayPal account. The Seller will accept the payments done through verified PayPal accounts and reserves the right to deliver the goods to the address present on verified PayPal account.


In accordance with European Directive 44/99/CE and Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (Consumption Code) as well as the rules and settlements referenced to articles 128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135 and following amendments of Decree 206/2005, according to which the Seller guaranties to the Client, that qualifies as “Customer”, that the Products comply with the descriptions published on the website.

The Client shall examine the products and send to the Seller, by e-mail or certified mail, a complaint containing indication of identified non-compliance, attaching the proof documents such as product photo, the Seller’s purchase order confirmation and delivery receipt.

After receiving the complaint the Seller will assess the non-conformity indicated by Client and after carrying out the necessary quality checks on product may, at its discretion, decide if authorise the refund a/o ship free a new order.



The Seller will make its deliveries with courier. As required by the trade laws, the shipments are accompanied by receipt a/o official invoice on which is indicated the value in Euro of every article. The shipment may be delayed in case of waiting for the payment verification. Following several verifications the society D’AMBRUOSO FRANCESCO S.R.L. reserves the right to not process the order and decline the transaction.


The Seller will do everything in his power to respect the delivery time indicated on the website and, in any case, deliver within a maximum of 48/72 hours starting from the day following the date on which the Customer has made the payment. In case of non-execution of the order, due to temporary unavailability of the Product, the Seller must provide written notice to the Customer and refund any amount already paid, pursuant to the following paragraph. The website indicates the availability or the unavailability of the products. If products ordinated by the Customer are not available for shipment despite the order confirmation and the payment confirmation, the Customer will be promptly refunded. Orders are shipped by the Seller from Monday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 14:00. Orders made during the weekend will be processed the following Monday morning. The delivery of the purchased products will take place within, on average, 1-2 working days for shipments in Italy. The products will be shipped in any case within 30 days in accordance with current legislation. It is possible to ship goods in Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. The shipment of the Products ordered by the Customer will take place according to the method selected by the Customer, among those available and indicated on the website at the time of the order. The Customer agrees to check, without delay, and in any case no later than 24 hours from receipt of the Products, the integrity of the delivery and the inclusion of all the purchased Products, and exclusively of these, within this period, to inform the Seller of each defective Product received or of any discrepancies with respect to the order submitted.
If the external packaging or packaging of some of ordered products reaches the destination visibly damaged we ask the Customer to refuse the delivery or to accept the packaging ‘subject to control’. Once the 24 hours period has expired and we have not received Customer’s complaints, the delivered Products will be considered definitively accepted by the Customer.

Sale conditions

All prices are inclusive of VAT. All prices inclusive of VAT do not include any taxes, and in case of shipments outside Italy duties and fees applicable in the countries where the products are intended. These costs, which differ from country to country, are paid by the Customer, who will take care of verifying that amount with the competent customs authorities. The website is updated periodically. The summary of order will always be available online, in the My Orders panel, in the relevant User Menu, and will also be regularly sent by email at the moment of order payment. Each product or service is present in catalogue as well as a relative price, to which must be added the shipping price, which may vary depending on the delivery method, and the quantity of purchase. The shipment amount will be regularly communicated to the Customer before the conclusion of Sales Contract. Prices can be changed at any time, without noticing the customers, who will, in the case of a sales contract concluded but still in execution, enjoy the prices accepted in the sales contract. The goods will be shipped as soon as the payment of the order is confirmed. If the payment has not been received within five days of the order placement, the sales contract will be considered invalid and void. These General Conditions are governed by Italian law as well as each Contract of Sale and subject to Italian jurisdiction.


Upon receipt of the package, check that the closures are intact, not cut a/o tampered and that the package is not clearly damaged, opened a/o tampered. Otherwise, it’s possible that the package has been opened during the shipping and that the contents were stolen. In case of the shipment with courier, you can accept a tampered package only if the shipment has been insured, but when signing the courier’s delivery note you must well indicate “ACCEPT WITH RESERVE”. In this way, in case of missing or damaging of goods it is possible to make a claim to the courier for reimbursement. If you accept a tampered package without indicating “ACCEPT WITH RESERVE”, a/ o if you have not chosen insurance at the time of purchase, you have no possibility to make a claim. For this reason, before the acceptance of the package verify the integrity of the same! The shipping in those cases, concerning the returning costs of the package and the new shipment costs, will be carried by the Customer. If the goods ordered by the Customer are not present in the warehouse, for the shipment of new package we will contact the customer and decide together an alternative product from our catalogue to ship or proceed with the refund of the order.