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Follow the Dairy Coach Marinetta’s masterclass to become
an expert in Crema di Rugiada’s ultralight creaminess.

In every masterclass, our Dairy Coach Marinetta will lead you at the discovery of ultralight creaminess, manufacturing and instruments which dairyman uses for Crema di Rugiada’s making.

Lesson 1

What is
Crema di Rugiada?

Lesson 2

Have you ever tasted
Crema di Rugiada?

Lesson 3

How to measure the
lightweight Creaminess?

Lesson 4

How was
Crema di Rugiada born?

Lesson 5

Why is it a
source of protein?

Lesson 6

How was
Crema di Rugiada born? II step

Lesson 7

What is

Lesson 8

What is

Lesson 9

What is the journey
of milk?

Lesson 10

How do we choose
our milk?

Lesson 11

What is
the affioramento?

Lesson 12

What are the differences
with ricotta and primosale?

Lesson 13

How is Crema di Rugiada made?
III step

Lesson 14

What are the tools of
Lightweight Creaminess?

Lesson 15

Do you know what
the skimmer is?

Lesson 16

What are the
cheese molds?

Lesson 17

How is Crema di Rugiada made?
IV step

Lesson 18

Is it very light even
for the diet?

Lesson 19

Why is Crema di Rugiada
right for athletes?

Lesson 20

How is Crema di Rugiada made?
V Step

Lesson 21

Who are the
milk artisans?

Lesson 22

Is Crema di Rugiada

Lesson 23

How was
Crema di Rugiada born? VI step

Lesson 24

Congratulations to the new experts
in Extralight Creaminess!